About Us

We are a family owned business, dedicated to providing affordable, convenient, high quality washing facilities for the public.

What sets us apart from other laundromats

(Highest Quality at the Lowest prices)

Adelaide Laundromats is set apart from other laundromats in a number of ways.

The machines, floors and tables are cleaned regularly, giving you a clean, hygienic environment in which to wash and dry your clothes.

Separate washing facilities for animal rugs, keeping it separate from other washers.

Our washing machines are all stainless steel European designed and built and have state of the art computerised washing cycles optimizing your wash.

High-quality, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic & locally made detergent included and added automatically with everywash for FREE.

Our dryers are all large stainless steel gas dryers designed and made in the USA. These dryers are all state of the art dryers with central fans maximizing the drying speed of your clothes.

In summary; we offer Premium SUPER-laundromat facilities and services at the lowest prices of any laundromat in Adelaide.


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