Our machines

At each of our laundromats we only use the highest quality washing machines and dryers. We judge the quality of our washers and dryers by the quality of the washing, time and their environmental friendliness.

Our Primus washers and Primus and Huebsch dryers are far above the size and quality standards of your average laundromat.

Our Primus washers range from 10 KG to 18 KG, our dryers range from a large 13 KG to a huge 20 KG.

Try one of our machines and let us know what you think.


Washing Instructions

PRIMUS 10, 13 & 18 Kg Washers

Load Washer, Close door & Lock, Insert Coins

Detergent is FREE and added automatically

If Fabric Softener can be added to"C" hopper

Select Cycle (1-5)

Press Start

Drying Instructions

PRIMUS & HUEBSCH 20Kg & 13 Kg Dryers

Load Dryer, Close door, Insert Coin.

Select Drying temperature (Hot, Warm, Delicate)

Push start.



Primus 18kg Washer - HUGE
The largest of our top of the line washers. This huge Washer will hold an 18Kg wash.

Primus 13kg Washer - EXTRA LARGE
Extra large washers will hold a 13Kg wash.

Primus 10kg Washer - LARGE
Our large washers are only slightly smaller than our extra large washers and have a 10Kg capacity.

Dexter 8.5kg Washer (4 at Morphett Vale Laundromat only)
Mid Size washers will hold a 8.5Kg wash.


Primus & Huebsch Dryer 13Kg
X-large Dryers will hold a 13Kg wash.

Huebsch Dryer 20kg (Huge) (4 at Goodwood rd Laundromat only)
Huge Dryers will hold a 20Kg wash.







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